Pack and Ship Store for Sale

pack and ship store for sale

Listing # 95105005  Pack and Ship Store for Sale
Lee County
Asking: $225,000
Owner Benefit: $206,100

Seller markets and installs each individual pack and ship store for sale with one time fee, no royalty fees (opportunity for buyer).  Cost to get into a pack and ship store for sale is a fraction of competitors.  Website attracts more prospective buyers than the owner can service which presents a given opportunity for a new owner.  Pricing software is totally unique to the industry and allows store to service more cliente than any competitor.  All contracts are in place.,  There is no owner liability.  Great opportunity for a bright marketeer and entrepreneur to own a pack and ship store for sale. 

This business has been SOLD or is No Longer Available.

For Pack and Ship Store for Sale Call (239) 284-1317

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