Business Valuations

For most business owners who are considering selling their business the biggest and most often asked question has to be "What is my business worth?"

Business Valuations

The best way to get this questioned answered is to set up an appointment with a Business Broker at Truforte Business Group. Although a Business Broker is not typically a certified business appraiser we certainly have the knowledge and are familiar enough with market conditions to provide an "opinion of value" which will give a business owner some reasonable expectations as to what their business might be worth and what the right asking price might be. For those interested in selling their business Truforte Business Group is happy to offer a Free no obligation evaluation or "opinion of value" at no charge. For those who are just curious or may want a valuation done for other purposes* (*note: we do not do valuations for legal purposes) we can offer an "opinion of value" for a small fee. (ranging from $500 to $5000 depending on the complexity of the valuation.)

Determining the value of a business can vary greatly from industry to industry and there can be many different factors to take into consideration when valuing a business, that is why it is normally best to set up an appointment with an experienced Business Broker. Some of the basic information that will be needed is generally 3 years tax returns and/or profit & loss statements, an equipment or asset list with an estimated fair market value of the assets, as well as other general information about the business, such as account receivables, equipment and property leases and an understanding of business expenses.

If you would like more information about an "opinion of value" on your business please give us a call at (239)284-1317 or email us at the address below.

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Business Valuation

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