Business Plan

It is often said when it comes to business, "if you fail to plan then you plan to fail". A professional Business Broker at Truforte Business Group has the expertise to help guide you through the steps of buying a business but it is also critical for anyone who is buying or thinking about buying a business to make the proper preparations and establish a business plan. Having a good plan to manage the business after the sale can often be what determines the level of success of the business and help the owner realize that American dream of business ownership. This would be the same for anyone considering a start up as well as with a corporate acquisition or merger. Some basic steps including goals, time lines and marketing plans all need to be taken into consideration. There are some excellent resources available that can help a business buyer with establishing a successful business plan. An abundance of free information about business plans and business planning can be found at . Score offers a free Quick Start Business Plan that can help assist the business buyer through steps such as these:

Description of the nature and purpose of your business    

Description of the nature and purpose of your business

Background of business concept

Strengths of business concept

Competitive advantage

Past experience, abilities, and expertise

What can you do to increase your credibility

The industry

The process

How will you plan to build your capacity

Market research evidence

Market potential

Key targets

The competition

Promotional methods

Channel to market

Business structure

Legal protection

Use of technology

Factors outside of control

Skills and achievements

Staff skills and experience

Other help, partners, advisors

Business support network

Potential profit of venture

Charge-out rate

Cash flow forecast

Cash flow tips

Sales revenue assumptions

Salary & wages

Marketing assumptions

Break-even point

Action plan

In addition Score offers business buyers ideas for marketing plans, including building a succesful public relation campaigns, promotions, cross-promotion ideas as well as possible benefits of trade show participation.

If you would like to discuss planning a business purchase, corporate acquisition, or finding a Florida business opportunity that would be right for you please contact us at Truforte Business Group or to search Florida businesses for sale visit businesses for sale.

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